1. Can we use purchased works on a tablet?

Of course!

Our music is made for this kind of use. It is the future, we will not avoid it! Programs such as Forscore are doing very well with our parts.

2. Can we print purchased works?

Of course!

This is the intention! We do not deliver printed versions of our works to our customers, but consciously opt to distribute our catalog electronically. So you can decide for yourself how many copies of a voice you print and we all help nature by printing only what we need. a big advantage!

3. Can we pass on purchased works?

No! Of course not!

We do not tolerate our scores circulating in black circuits or being part of pirated libraries, either off- or online. The compositions are purchased by an individual orchestra, performer, teacher or school and we will strictly check this with the authorized authorities!

It is the daily living of our young talented composers, remember?

4. I am a conductor, can I perform a purchased work in all my orchestras?

No, it doesn't work that way.

As a conductor you must purchase the works that you wish to perform per orchestra.
When purchasing a work, we also check for which orchestra a work is being purchased. Do you have any questions about this; do not hesitate to contact us!

5. I am a teacher in music education, can I distribute a purchased work to my students?


We have to spoil our young talented musicians with good music, so as a teacher you can copy a purchased work unlimited for use during the lessons by your own students in class.

However, if your student performs the work publicly at exams or concerts, he must purchase his own version of the work.

6. I am a teacher at the DKO. Can I also use a purchased work in another school?


In this case you have to purchase one piece of music per school, but afterwards you can redistribute it indefinitely to your own students from that academy or school for use during class or to study it.

7. Can I download a purchased work again?

Of course!

You have paid for it and our young talented composers are happy about that.

Even more, if it should happen that errors have to be corrected in the works, you will always find the latest version online with corrections. This is our quality guarantee! So whoever discovers a mistake in our works: feel free to give us a call, we will reward you in an original way!

8. My students want to perform a work that I purchased publicly. What now?

If your students or students want to perform one of our works (eg during a public exam, student concert, ...), the student(s) must purchase their own copy of the work through our site.

9. Can we sell or distribute your works?

At the moment our works are offered for sale exclusively through our own website www.ypress.eu. In this way we can quickly respond to our customers' questions and guarantee the best service.
For more information, contact info@ypress.eu.

10. We bought the work, but want to hear the composer's opinion about the work?

We strive to provide every work with an extensive information sheet with legend. This information should help the conductor or teacher with the study and interpretation of a piece of music.

Our composers are always prepared to go through their compositions with you and / or your orchestra. There are many possibilities: an interview with the conductor, master class, guest management, ...
Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to contact our composers.

11. Can we also order printed scoring from Ypress?

This is only possible in exceptional circumstances and only with the approval of the composer. This is not really our main activity either.

For printed solo or ensemble works, an additional cost of 5 euros is charged on the list price. For a printed hafabra or symphonic work a surcharge of 20 euros is charged on the list price. Shipping cost is variable according to your country.

Need more information? Contact us at info@ypress.eu.