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Youth Overture
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Composers: Pieter Corten
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PIETER CORTEN | GR3.5/4 | HA |  

In December 2015, Pieter Corten became conductor of the youth orchestra of the Royal Harmony Ste-Cecilia Zele. Since then he has had the pleasure of being confronted with an enthusiastic gang of young violence on a weekly basis. It was therefore a logical step to write a work for this orchestra.

In the creation of this work, particular attention was paid to the main ailment that often goes together with youth orchestras: gaps in the line-up, especially among the low buyers. The score is therefore provided with a wealth of à défauts to solve this problem.

Youth Overture is a very accessible work that essentially consists of three parts. The first part is made up of a number of youthful folk melodies that are mainly played by instruments in a solo role. In this way the young musicians get the chance, perhaps even for the first time, to show their skills to the rest of the orchestra and, of course, to the audience. As a composer, I have always attached great importance to the art of counterpoint. It will therefore not surprise you that there is a particularly large amount of polyphony in this first part.

The second part is a contrasting slow part. This emotionally charged homophonic part is meant to put the orchestra as a whole in the spotlight and is a reflection of the abundance of emotions that you recognize in some adolescents ...

Once this outburst is over, a fugue exhibition begins and then returns to the youthful melodies of the beginning. Ultimately we reach a great end to the composition.

Advice to the conductor: It is the wish of the composer not to let the solos play by the orchestra's 'older guard'. It is much more in line with the idea behind the composition to have them performed by young, aspiring musicians.

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Specifications of the work

Orchestration: concert band
Genre: concert work
Difficulty: grade 3.5 / 4
Playing time: 00:05:00
Publication: 2016

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