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Composers: Walter Devoldere
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Capriccio is a five-part work for piano by Walter Devoldere, each part containing its own specific challenges for the pianist.

The first movement (in B flat major) brings the irregular time signature 7/8 to the forefront. This irregular metric rhythm creates a 'hopped' character and swirls through an exciting and driving structure. The left hand plays arpeggio style while the right hand plays the melody in block chords.

Between the first and the second part follows an 'a piacere' passage with trills. Here the performer is left free to interpret a passage. The rhythmic second part 'Intermezzo' (in E flat minor) is in the regular time signature of 4/4 and displays dissonant block chords.

In the third movement, the left hand will initiate a descending chromatic line in block chord style and culminate in a deceptive cadence.

The fourth movement, Allegramente, shows a cheerful and passionate character. Here the right hand is responsible for the melody in staccato blockades and the left hand for the alternating bass. This part is also introduced by a rubato passage with vibrators.

The performer can choose from three levels of difficulty in the fifth and final part. Here we return to the main key of B flat major. The right hand will always vouch for the block chords while the left hand will play either an eighth note arpeggio style in measure 4/4, an eighth note arpeggio style in measure 12/8, or a sixteenth note arpeggio style in measure 4/4.



Instrument: piano solo
Duration: 00:05:04
Difficulty: grade 4
Publication: 2022

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